Freitag, 19. September 2014

Post Race: what to do!

The time after a race is as interesting and important as the time before and during the race. I guess that a lot of processes are running in the background of the system to get the organism re-organized. You start daily life again but the body still suffers from the huge effort of the last race. When you start running too early I guess that you will get the answer as soon as possible. When you hang around and do nothing is also not good for the body and the system because both are used to be active. What to do?
Start with little runs for 5 km in a very slow pace and just think about to help the system to work out all the acids and stiffness. Maybe some Aquajogging is also good when you like to be in the pool. Healthy food and a lot of water helps as well. As sooner you start with that procedure as better it could be.
After the Zugspitz Ultra in June I did not any of this and got a bad cold and heavy legs for the next 2-3 weeks.
After the Transylvania Race I ate healthy (ok, I drank some Romania Schnaps...) and tried to recover in a better way what was actually really good. What`s really a strange thing is that I dream a lot about the Race. Also 2 weeks after! Sometimes I dream about that I`m still in the race and ask myself why I´m sleeping although I have to run! Funny dreams but they let me not sleep quiet well. I realize that my mind is working a lot and that the thoughts are still process the last race.
I spent some days in France hanging around at the beach and just doing nothing with the exception of some nice 5k runs and some Yoga. But hanging around on the sofa could be more dangerous than running through a black forest by night with bears and Dracula all around you: I just hit my little toe on the edge of the sofa and yes, what can I say: I broke my little toe! I can`t believe it! Maybe my body wants to talk to me and say: "Just sit still and don`t move anymore I need time to recover!" What to do? Running with a broken toe is really painfull. And doing yoga as well. Walking to the beach is more or less impossible but I did it and just fall down on my towel and slept. Is it that what to do after a race? Maybe! Good luck with your recovery!

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