Sonntag, 13. November 2016

Getting ready for the next volcano: Pico de Orizaba in Mexico!

It is always exciting to start a new project when you have an idea about doing something. The thoughts in your mind are chaotic and they are hopping around like flipper balls. And then you press the start button and it rolls. Its still chaotic but it becomes clearer and clearer.
Our new project will start in the middle of November 2016. We want to climb the third volcano in our series “Volcanic Seven Summits Bottom Up Climbs” and we decided to rock the highest volcano of North America. It is the Pico de Orizaba in Mexico (5636 meters)! Of course we want to do it in the Bottom Up Climbs Style what means to start at the lowest point of the country which will be on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.
The first thing we do is to make a research about the country and its special landscape. Due to the fact that we have no library of maps we use google maps or open street maps to get a first impression about the conditions. We find out where the highest point is and then we decide where we need to start. On google maps you can see only the road and some smaller streets but no hiking or biking trails. It is always a surprise when we get to the country to see how the roads are! For our new project we decided to start in Veracruz at the shore of the ocean. Veracruz is a big city what makes it normally easier with all the logistical things. Apropos logistical things: I dont know why but on this trip everyone has a special idea: Beppe wants to be independent what means that he doesn’t want to have a support car who carries all our bags. That means that we have to organize everything for ourself. Alessios ideas makes it not easier because he wants to ski up and down the last section of the volcano (approximately 750 meters). That means we have to carry the skis and boots and poles as well. Due to the fact that we have no support car it will be a challenge to cycle and hike with all that equipment. Compared to Beppes and Alessios ideas is my wish very simple: I don`t want to sleep higher than 4000 meters what means that the boys have to be fit to climb the summit from that hight in one go. Fortunately the last hut is on 4200 meters what means that we can stay there for 2 days and acclimatize. The summit day will be at least 1400 vertical meters. Absolutely makeable 🙂
Due to these “extra”-wishes the trip needs a proper logistic planning. Although we only have 8 days for everything!!
At the moment we try to plan the “external factors” like: to organize a rental car from Mexico city to Veracruz; Book our own bikes and ski on the flight; Organize the hotels (easy); organize the stay at the Pedra Grande Hut on 4200 meters because there is no water source. Therefore we need a guide with jeep who drives up the water for us because it would be impossible to hike up with all the equipment AND water for 3 days (12 liter?!). Then we need to organize the transport back to Mexico city. The internal factors are about food, mechanical equipment for the bikes, how to pack everything what means to travel with: bike, ski, ski boots, ski poles, ice axt, rope, bike shoes, hiking shoes, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, helmet, bikes clothes, glacier clothes, food,…. I don`t see myself with all that equipment traveling from St. Moritz village to the airport by train !!)…But this is exactly what I love. To have an idea and to make a plan out of it. With the trust that everything will become reality! 

Stay connected with us and learn in the next blog post who we are and what makes our three different characters so special!

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